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    Panufnik’s Return. 100 th anniversary of Composer’s Birthday
ARTYKUŁ: Wydarzenia muzyczne - EMIGRATION MUSEUM in Gdynia.
Panufnik’s Return. 100 th anniversary of Composer’s Birthday

Panufnik’s Return. 100 th anniversary of Composer’s Birthday

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photo: Andrzej Panufnik
© Camilla Panufnik
Gdynia, September 6-7, 20014

„The Return of Panufnik. 100th anniversary of Composer’s Birthday”
Gdynia, September 6-7, 2014
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urban game | workshops | film screenings

In 2014, music aficionados all over the world celebrate the 100th anniversary of Andrzej Panufnik’s birthday – a Polish emigrant and one of the most acclaimed composers. The Emigration Museum in Gdynia joins this celebration by organizing a unique meeting with this “20th century classic’s ” heritage. Thanks to a symphonic concert conducted by maestro Jerzy Maksymiuk, a chamber music concerto, various film screenings, lectures, and workshops for people of all ages, in September, Gdynia will resonate with music of the highest quality. It is time for “Panufnik’s Return”!

In 1954, Andrzej Panufnik (1914-1991) escaped the Communist Poland and arrived to Great Britain where he remained until the last days of his life. This distinguished composer and conductor, by many called a classic of the 20th century, is not a widely known person in Poland – even despite having earned an international fame and a nobility title.

For Andrzej Panufnik emigration meant an escape towards an artistic and personal freedom, however the reaction of the authorities at that time was to place the composer’s name and music on a censorship index. The ban – which stayed in force until 1977 – resulted in the artist being all but completely erased from the memory of Polish listeners. The Emigration Museum in Gdynia rediscovers this eminent Pole – an emigrant and an inspiring artist who managed to create an original world of sound while remaining faithful to the traditional values, such as melody, harmony, and – above all – the beauty of tone.

We would like to invite all music aficionados, as well as people not yet familiar with Andrzej Panufnik’s output, to a meeting with the very rich and modernly classic music of the composer. The chamber music concerto performed by the young NeoQuartet and accompanied by multimedia visualizations offers an enriched form of the reception of classical music.

The monumental concert by the Symphony Orchestra of Baltic Philharmonic – conducted by maestro Jerzy Maksymiuk and accompanied by the distinguished violinist Patrycja Piekutowska – will undoubtedly prove to be immensely attractive to a wider audience.

Various lectures and meetings will offer a deeper insight into the artist’s life and his artistic accomplishments. The event will be also graced by the presence of the composer’s wife, Lady Camilla Panufnik. The event will be completed by a selection of biopic screenings, including an exciting documentary “My Father, Iron Curtain and Me”, whose main protagonist is the conductor’s son.

For our youngest music aficionados, we have prepared several music workshops, during which they will have an opportunity to test their skills in the field of contemporary music.

The program of “Panufnik’s Return”
100th anniversary of Composer’s Birthday

September 6, 2014 | SATURDAY

12 am | 2 pm | „Composition for Families”
Pomorski Science and Technology Park in Gdynia | Hall D

4 pm | “Andrzej Panufnik of London and of Warsaw” | “The Return of Andrzej Panufnik”
5 pm | “My Father, Iron Curtain and Me” | meeting with the director after the screening
Pomorski Science and Technology Park in Gdynia | Cinema Hall

NeoQuartet | Oskar Zamek-Gliszczyński
Andrzej Panufnik – String quartets
7 pm | Pomorski Science and Technology Park in Gdynia | Auditorium Hall

September 7, 2014 | SUNDAY

12.30 am | 2 pm | “Panufnik’s Music for Kids with Families”
Pomorski Science and Technology Park in Gdynia | Hall D

3 pm | “Music through Andrzej Panufnik’s Eyes” | Katarzyna Szymańska-Stułka Ph.D. | InfoBox
5 pm | Promo event of Panufnik’s “Autobiography” with the participation of Camilla Panufnik | the foyer of the Music Theatre

4 pm | “Panufnik’s Return” urban game | start next to the Infobox

Jerzy Maksymiuk | Patrycja Piekutowska | Symphonic Orchestra of Polish Baltic Philharmonic
Andrzej Panufnik – “Autumn Music” | “Polonia” | „Lullaby” | „Violin Concerto”
7 pm | Danuta Baduszkowa Music Theatre in Gdynia | Main Stage

Free entry to all events.
Entry to the concert and the workshops with a free entry pass.

September 6 | 7 pm | Pomorski Science and Technology Park in Gdynia | Auditorium Hall
“String Quartet No. 1” | “String Quartet No. 2 Messages” | “String Quartet No. 3 Wycinanki”
Visualizations: Oskar Zamek-Gliszczyński

During the commemoration, artistic events will take place, which are focused on the reception of Andrzej Panufnik’s music and inspired by it. NeoQuartet string ensemble and a multimedia artist Oskar Zamek-Gliszczyński have been invited to participate in the project. The latter will create visualizations corresponding with Panufnik’s creative output and with the music performed live.

A concert by NeoQuartet string quartet comprising of the graduates of the music academies of Gdańsk and Lucerne. Members: Karolina Piątkowska-Nowicka, Paweł Kapica, Michał Markiewicz, and Krzysztof Pawłowski. The ensemble’s curriculum includes many premiere performances of compositions by young artists, as well as pieces by artists considered as musical classics of the 20th century. Its musicians frequently participate in important music events, such as Musica Electronica Nova Festival in Wrocław or NeoArte in Gdańsk.

September 7 | 7 pm | Danuta Baduszewska Music Theatre in Gdynia | Main Stage
“Autumn Music” | “Polonia” | “Lullaby” | “Violin Concerto”

Distinguished Polish conductor, composer, and pianist, born in 1936 in Grodno. In 1972, Jerzy Maksymiuk headed the ensemble that emerged from Warsaw Chamber Opera and gained international fame under the name of Polish Chamber Orchestra. In 1973, he enrolled in cooperation with Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, with which he toured the United States, among others. Between 1975 and 1977 he became its head conductor and artistic director.

The success he accomplished in 1977 during the first tour with Polish Chamber Orchestra, especially in England, earned him a phonographic contract with EMI, as well as numerous performances with British orchestras, such as London Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, English Chamber Orchestra, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, and others. In 1979 he performed with Polish Chamber Orchestra in Carnegie Hall in New York City. In 1981 he took it on another great tour to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, United States, and Germany.

In 1983, Jerzy Maksymiuk became the chief of BBC Scottish Symphony in Glasgow and headed it until 1993, transforming it into one of the best orchestras in Britain along the way. In 1990, he debuted this orchestra on BBC PROMS at Royal Albert Hall in London, where he performed over twenty times in total. Jerzy Maksymiuk is a prominent promoter of contemporary music. For many years, he was a member of the repertoire committee of the Warszawska Jesień Festival. Among many other awards, the artist has received Order of Polonia Restituta and Gold Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis. He is also a proud recipient of “Superwiktor”.


Outstanding Polish violinist who has been touring all over the world for the last 17 years. Up to now, she has played over 600 concerts in 32 countries. Holder of PhD habilitation degree in music arts and title of professor extraordinarius at the Academy of Fine Arts in Szczecin. She has performed at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in New York City, Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, Teatro Guaíra in Curitiba, National Center for Performing Arts in Beijing, philharmonics in Santiago de Chile, Bucharest, Montevideo, Warsaw, Peking, Wuhan, Tianjin, Hamburg, Kiev, and many others.

For the last five years, she has been presenting her own project – recital for solo violin “From Bach to Penderecki”, which she presents in world’s biggest metropolises. For many years, she has been invited as a pedagogue to mastership courses both in Poland and abroad. She is also a member of jury at multiple violin competitions.

She has recorded ten albums, among which we can find six albums containing Polish music of the 20th century. She has won many prestigious phonographic awards. As the first Polish violinist in history has received the MIDEM Classical Award, awarded in Cannes for her record with music by Krzysztof Penderecki. June 2014, saw the premiere of her tenth, anniversary record released on the occasion of the artists 15 years in phonography.

At the same time, Patrycja Piekutowska was chosen one of the “25 leaders for the next 25 years” in a project by the ‘Teraz Polska’ Magazine. The distinction is awarded to Poles under 40 years of age, who have achieved significant success in their professions and might exercise influence over the shape of future generations.


The Symphony Orchestra was born together with the Philharmonic in 1945. Presently, it is part of the group of leading orchestras in Poland. The Symphony Orchestra is headed by outstanding conductors from Poland and abroad, such as Sir Neville Marriner, Antoni Wit, Roman Kofman, Gabriel Chmura, Maxin Vengerov, Jerzy Maksymiuk, Tadeusz Strugała, Michael Zilm, Jouzas Domarkas, Franco Ferraro, Carlo Zecchi, Felix Carraso, and others.

The Symphony Orchestra has participated in many domestic and international festivals – Warszawska Jesień Contemporary Music Festival, Wratislavia Cantans, Solidarity of Arts Festival, Aspekte Festival in Salzburg, and many others.

The list of its recent significant artistic accomplishments includes: the 2005 concert of Jean-Michel Jarre on the occasion of 25th anniversary of Solidarność, the 2008 participation of the orchestra’s brass section in the performance of Krzysztof Penderecki’s Seventh Symphony “Seven Gates of Jerusalem”, the 2009 performance of Benjamin Britten’s “War Requiem” during the Solidarity of Arts Festival, conducted by Sir Neville Marriner.

September 6 | Pomorski Science and Technology Park in Gdynia | Cinema Hall
4 pm | “Andrzej Panufnik of London and of Warsaw” | “The Return of Andrzej Panufnik”
5 pm | “My Father, Iron Curtain and Me” | meeting with the director after the screening

“Andrzej Panufnik of London and of Warsaw”, dir. Andrzej Papuziński, 1990, 32’
The film was produced for the Warszawska Jesień Festival in 1990. Andrzej Panufnik was its central protagonist.

“The Return of Andrzej Panufnik”, dir. Andrzej Papuziński, 1996, 28’
The documentary presents the composer at his home in Twickenham as well as in Poland – conducting the performance of his own composition during the Warszawska Jesień Festival.

“My Father, Iron Curtain and Me”, dir. Krzysztof Rzączyński, 2009, 52’
Why did Andrzej Panufnik decide to leave his homeland? What political pressure and personal dramas motivated that decision? Answers to these questions are revealed by Jem Panufnik, the composer’s son, who visits Poland many years after his death.

September 7 | 3 pm | Infobox Gdynia
“Music Through Andrzej Panufnik’s Eyes”
Lecture | Katarzyna Szymańska-Sułka PhD (Fryderyk Chopin Music University in Warsaw)

September 7 | 5 pm | foyer of the Music Theatre in Gdynia
Promotional event of Andrzej Panufnik’s “Autobiography”
Special guest | Lady Camilla Panufnik

September 6 | 12 am | 2 pm | Pomorski Science and Technology Park in Gdynia | Hall D
“Composition for Families”
Conducted by Mirsosława Lipińska and Ryszard Popowski (Orkiestra Vita Activa/ECEKON)

Follow the fascinating path of music from composer’s imagination all the way to a concert hall! Discover the multicolored musical world of Andrzej Panufnik by means of aided improvisation and simple operations on professional instruments.
The event is directed at children of ages 8 and above with parents, as well as youths. The duration of each workshop is 1.5 hours and will be held twice.

September 7 | 12.30 am | 2 pm | Pomorski Science and Technology Park in Gdynia | Hall D
“Panufnik’s Music for Kids with Families”
Conducted by “Muzyka Jest dla Wszystkich” Foundation

Discover contemporary music with your family! We invite children with their families to discover the wealth of Andrzej Panufnik’s music through the interaction of musicians with audience, active listening, and entertainment.
The event is directed at children of ages 3-5 with parents. The duration of each concert is 45 minutes and will be held twice.

September 7 | 4 – 5.30 pm | Start by InfoBox
Starts at: 4 pm, 4.15 pm, 4.30 pm | results: 6 pm | InfoBox
Script: Piotr Szulc

Who was Sir Andrzej Panufnik, whose biography could serve as the canvas for several exciting movies? You will find out by following the composer’s footsteps – from his youth and the period of wartime occupation, through the Communist days and his dramatic escape from People’s Republic of Poland, to his life in exile. Unexpected challenges and twists of action await all participants, prizes – only the best ones!

About the Organizer
Emigration Museum in Gdynia
We connect stories

Gdynia is witnessing the birth of an institution which will tell the story of one of the most important phenomena of the modern world, a phenomenon that has influenced the past and present of Polish society in a remarkable way. In the industrial surroundings of the port of Gdynia, right where the land meets the sea, a unique institution is being born – the Emigration Museum in Gdynia. In the Marine Station – where hundreds of thousands of people set off into the world – we will recount the moving experiences of Polish emigrants at the end of the 18th century as well as at the beginning of the 21st century. It would be hard to imagine a better place for the institution that investigates questions about the time and the directions of emigration, about its causes, characters, and fates of emigrants. At the address of Polska Street 1, Gdynia, we will connect the stories of people who left Poland, at various times and for various countries, into one common national history in the broadest sense of the word.
We are a museum of history, but the activities we conduct are in close connection to the present. There is no better way to broach a phenomenon which today directly influences the lives of 200 million people all over the world, and became the defining experience of a generation of 2 million Poles after accession into the European Union. At the same time, however, the intensive political debates on the subject of emigration are seldom accompanied by any sort of reflection on the historical character of this phenomenon. Meanwhile, there are around 20 million people of Polish descent who live outside of their homeland, the majority of which were born there. National uprisings, world wars, and the difficult postwar period had all affected the massive character of emigration from Poland just as significantly as any economic question. Quite often they were personal choices motivated by a desire for a better life, the fulfillment of dreams and ambitions. All these factors have contributed to making Polish the sixth biggest in the world, and it is nearly impossible to understand the history of Poland without taking the history of emigration into account. And so we hope the Emigration Museum in Gdynia to become the virtual meeting point of Poles in Poland and abroad.
The Museum is currently under development and will inaugurate its operation in the Marine Station in the first quarter of 2015. The six thousand squares meters that the institution has at its disposal will become a modern space that reaches far beyond the borders of a traditional institution. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Museum will host temporal exhibitions and become an arena of activities animating the inhabitants of Gdynia, a space of discussion, and a meeting place for enthusiasts of science and art. Among the many attractions that await our visitors there will be space for a cinema, a book shop, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and space dedicated to interesting artistic initiatives and happenings. The Museum realizes a number of initiatives already – competitions, exhibitions, and festivities—all this in order to connect the present with the past, and to connect education with a cultural offering of the highest possible level.

photo: during rehearsals Sinfonia di Sfere, London 1977 © Camilla Panufnik

photo: Sinfonia di Sfere, London 1977 © Camilla Panufnik

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