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ARTYKUŁ: Bilety na koncerty - Daniel Sloss - X (Teatr Palladium) - bilety

Daniel Sloss - X (Teatr Palladium) - bilety

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Termin: 2019-11-19, godz. 20:00:00
Artysta: English Stand-up - Show World
Miasto: Warszawa
Miejsce: Teatr Palladium
Adres: ul. Złota 9,
(GPS: 52.2327177, 21.0114732)
Kategoria: standup

Opis wydarzenia

<b>BACK BY PHENOMENAL DEMAND DANIEL’S 2018 SHOW RETURNS </b><b><br></b><b>‘Daniel Sloss: X’ - after the success of his two Netflix specials ‘DARK’ &amp; ‘Jigsaw’, this is the new smash-hit show.</b><b>He has performed on ‘Conan’ (a record 8x), sold out his shows across 11 consecutive Edinburgh Festivals, starred in 4 solo seasons in New York’s off-Broadway (including 30 performances in February) and received rave reviews from around the globe.&nbsp;</b><br>‘<b>Dirty, sweet and clever</b>’ (New York Times)&nbsp;<br>‘<b>Smouldering… “X” is a stunner of a show… Deliciously dark stand-up</b>’&nbsp;★★★★★ (Mail on Sunday, UK)&nbsp;<br>'<b>Hilarious... Devastatingly intelligent... Sloss is a festival highlight. See him!</b>'&nbsp;★★★★★ (The Age, Australia)&nbsp;<b><br></b><b>SPECIAL GUEST KAI HUMPHRIES&nbsp;</b>(WARNING: Contains adult themes of a sexual nature and strong language. Age 16+)&nbsp;<br>www.netflix.com/danielslossliveshows&nbsp;______________________________________________________DANIEL SLOSS ON TOUR: DanielSloss.com&nbsp;FB Daniel-Sloss | INSTA Danielsloss | YouTube GETSLOSSED | T: @daniel_sloss Bilety do nabycia na: www.KupBilecik.pl
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English Stand-up - Show World International comedy stars in Poland

English Stand-up is a cycle runned by Show World. It focuses on bringing best international comedians to Poland, like Dylan Moran or Daniel Sloss. Bilety do nabycia na: www.KupBilecik.pl

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